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90 后、随笔、感悟

Xuanwu Stroll

I was awakened by a loud thunder at around six in the morning, followed by a heavy downpour. I checked my phone when I woke up, but there didn't seem to be any messages related to me. I went back to sleep for another two hours, and when I woke up again, it was almost nine o'clock. Thinking that I had nothing to do that day, I got up, washed up, and went to McDonald's for a meal that could not be classified as breakfast or lunch. While eating, I thought about taking a stroll around Xuanwu Lake. Considering the possibility of going to Shanghai recently, Nanjing would no longer be the city where I work, and I wouldn't have many chances to come back to play. Leaving Nanjing meant saying goodbye to a familiar city and the people I knew in this city.

Actually, it wasn't my first time visiting Xuanwu Lake in the rain, but this time was particularly poignant. The drizzle only allowed me to see a few scattered people on the small path, creating a stark contrast to the usually lively Xuanwu Lake. Perhaps wanting to see plum blossoms, I walked along the path for half an hour and could only occasionally see a few blooming plum blossoms, or maybe I missed the blooming season. In my memory, I seemed to have seen more plum blossoms near Zhongshan Mausoleum in Nanjing, which was two or three years ago.

I have often advised myself to drink less coffee, but it seems that whenever I see a coffee shop, I want to go in and have a cup, which has become a habit. Today was no exception, I ordered a cup of latte at a mathematician and ended today's activities. After finishing the coffee, I took the subway home. I have tried many coffee brands, but I can't seem to distinguish which one has a richer and more fragrant taste. However, the coffee that can evoke memories for me seems to be Starbucks' White Mocha. Perhaps it's because I have had it more often.

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